The world is smaller than ever. Starting  on Monday in Estonia, paying a visit to colleagues in London, or finishing a working week in Singapore or vice versa - working in multinational teams and in different countries on a different continents is today´s reality and great possibility.

In order to help you to relocate your multionational talent and its family members from one country to another quickly, smoothly, tax and migrationwise, it is worthwhile to provide assistance upon settling in as much as possible.

I´d be happy to share my indepth professional knowledge from the employee´s perspective
  • in case you need assistance in tax residency matters in Estonia; 
  • upon conducting a tax arrival consultation in Estonian, English or Russian to get a very good overview regarding the potential taxation implications arising for you upon relocation;
  • how, when and to which country´s tax authorities you should file your personal income tax return;
  • upon applying for the tax code in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board;
  • to which country you should pay your social security contributions;
  • assist you upon applying for the residence permit for employment in the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board;
  • submitting the notice of residence to the Estonian Population Register;
  • applying for the Estonian personal identification code and identity document 
I´ll be able to use my professional expertise for your benefit in case you would need assistance as an employer in Estonia:
  • upon registering the foreign company operating as a non-resident employer;
  • upon registering as a VAT payer;
  • providing assistance in migration related topics;
  • upon registering an foreign employee´s short-term employment in the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board;
  • applying for the social security coverage forms (A1) from the Estonian Social Insurance Board;
  • consulting in labour law related questions;
  • setting up a payroll systems and handling a monthly payroll compliance.